Wednesday, 9 October 2013

First Day in IIUM Kuantan


Main entrance of IIUM Kuantan


'Alhamdullilah, finally I managed to make my dream a reality.' - Ani

'Just like a dream come true, I'd able to step into the gate of Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.' - Siti

'It was a very hectic day, and I finally met my friends again! Yeah!!' - Hannis

The journey begun....

Office of Campus Director building

Activities Venue
Registration OCD Grand Hall
Briefing OCD Grand Hall
Asar Prayer Masjid SAS
Riadah OCD Square
Dinner OCD Square
Maghrib & Isya' Prayer Masjid SAS
Briefing & Disperse OCD Grand Hall

The registration held in this great hall which decorated with many purple and silver balloons all over the place. It was nice actually, like coming to a prestigious wedding. hehehe  ^__^
OCD Square

After the very long important briefing in the Grand Hall, we played Mickey Mouse game. Because it involved so many sisters, the game became too ridiculous to play. So, we had to divide into the  group of ten. Then, it made more sensible, and fun. ^_^

Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah

Like the love at the first sight, this magnificent mosque has a very electrifying aura that attracted many jemaah to come and perform 'ibadah. And this mosque became the first place where we learned to purify the heart of many newcomers of batch 13/14. 

In a way, the committee of the ta'aruf programme surely gave a lot of thoughts for us, as the freshie. Thanks to Allah, and them for the smooth journey we had.

 Credit to: 1)
                2) Syakirah Ahmad

Wednesday, 2 October 2013



today, we would like to introduce you guys about biology as we are the biotechnology  students.

hope you guys enjoy it ^_^

(as we enjoy it>>hahaha)

The PDB which stands for Protein Data Bank, is a repository for the 3-D structural data of large biological molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acid.

There are 5 protein structures that we would love to suggest for you to be stressed of. hehe..

(asymmetric unit)
Oligopeptidase 80762.80 Hydrolase
Prolyl oligopeptidase 82236.02 Hydrolase
Thermolysin 35638.57 Hydrolase

18426.06 Cell Adhesion

Signal Peptidase


Collagenase is the enzyme that breaks down the peptide bond in collagen. It can be made by the body as part of its normal immune response.

Prolyl oligopeptidase

Prolyl oligopeptidase is also known as prolyl endopeptidase, (PE). It involved in the maturation and degradation of peptide hormones and neuropeptides.


Thermolysin is the most stable member of a family of metalloproteinases produced by various Bacillus species.


Oligopeptidase play essential roles as hormones, in the surveillance against pathogens and in neurological activities.

Signal peptidase

Signal peptidases are also found in prokaryotes as well as the protein import machinery of mitochondria and chloroplasts.

For further references,you can visit this PDB-101 , okay!

Have Fun!!!