Wednesday, 25 September 2013



Peace be upon you.

Today,I would like to share to all of you blogwalker, on how to do your own web page by using HTML.

Open notepad application in your windows.
Then,copy or type this text.
As picture below shown;

This is for your first paragraph or to typing whatever that you want to write in your web page.
Then,save this as
1) whatevertitle.txt   -for your reference
2)whatevertitle.html -to view your web page

For insert table in your web page,you can use the text as highlighted below,(w3school )

Then,edit the table as you wish :)...



           Dataran Merdeka


If you wish to include a link that can connect to other web page, type the text below, then change #C4 to that link.

As for the last, you can also put an images whether it is moving or non-moving images by yourself.
Just edit the ''th.jpg'' and replace it with your non moving image's name. Make sure that your image's name is the same as the name that you use in your folder. For the moving image,you have to download the animated image and save it in the same folder .

The link will appear as picture below as you 'Save as ' it as '.html ' as the extension of your title..


hannis said...

thanks 4 the effort everyone!

ct said...

welcome :)

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